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15 February 2012

Foremans Appoints New Managing Director


Foremans Relocatable Building Systems, the UK's largest supplier of recycled and refurbished modular buildings, has appointed Mike Williams as Managing Director. 

Previously General Manager for the Hire Division of sister company, Portakabin, Mike joined the Shepherd Group in 1977 during which time he has held a number of commercial positions.  He has more than 30 years' experience in the modular building sector.

In his new role, he will continue to develop Foremans' business in the education, healthcare, and commercial sectors, for both its sales and hire operations.

"Foremans is the UK's largest supplier and purchaser of pre-owned modular buildings", said Mike Williams.  "We have ambitious plans to grow the business.  Our recent expansion and investment, which has included our strategically-located southern operation in Hemel Hempstead, means we are well placed to continue to increase market share and move into new markets, particularly in London and the South East."

"We believe recycled modular buildings have a significant role to play in the current economic climate, offering innovative construction solutions for clients looking for best value.  This is also a very environmentally sound alternative to the demolition and disposal of modular buildings in landfill sites.  We can recycle the building structure which allows other organisations in both public and private sectors to benefit from the speed, quality and lack of disruption of off-site construction, whilst also reducing their carbon footprint."

Foremans' buildings are supplied in single and multi-storey configurations and can be designed and refurbished for a wide variety of uses, including offices, teaching blocks, transport depots and hospital ward accommodation.

Foremans will also purchase quality steel-framed modular buildings which have become surplus to requirements and will undertake the safe dismantling and removal operations with the minimum disruption.

Operating from its headquarters and 30,000sqm production centre in East Yorkshire and its southern regional centre in Hemel Hempstead, Foremans offers a full range of construction services, including planning advice and submissions, Building Regulations approvals, funding options, and all aspects of the building design, space planning, project management, groundworks, fitting out, delivery, site installation, testing and commissioning.  

For further information about recycled and refurbished modular buildings, visit www.foremansbuildings.info, email info@foremansbuildings.co.uk, or call 01964 544344.