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05 October 2015

Portaloo Launches New Guide to Specifying Accessible Toilets and Washrooms


Portaloo, part of the Portakabin Group, has launched a new guide to help facilities and estates managers specify toilets and washrooms for people with disabilities, including those who are unable to use standard accessible toilets.

Regulations are in place requiring building owners and service providers to make reasonable adjustments to their premises to cater for people with a wide range of disabilities. Buildings have to be accessible and toilet and washing facilities should be adapted for a range of users.

"The lack of fully accessible toilets simply denies people with severe disabilities the right to freedom, mobility and community participation", says Mark Fielding, Regional Manager at Portaloo. "Hundreds of thousands of people need these extra facilities in public places to help them enjoy the day-to-day activities that many of us just take for granted."

"Our team has a wealth of expertise in the provision of accessible and fully accessible toilet and washroom facilities. This new guide shares that knowledge and experience to help raise awareness of the key specification considerations and encourage more organisations to provide accessibility in the built environment - from public services and transport to leisure and sport."

The guide can be downloaded from the Portakabin website and offers practical advice about:

  • The different types of accessible toilet - for users of standard-sized wheelchairs and fully accessible toilets designed for people with severe disabilities and their carers
  • What legal obligations must be met when providing toilets for disabled people - the guide considers the recommendations of the Changing Places Consortium and the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, Disability Discrimination legislation and Building Regulations Part M
  • Who needs to provide accessible toilets and washrooms
  • Key factors to consider when installing or altering toilet and washroom facilities for disabled people including size, design and layout; toilet, washbasin and floor specifications; the need for an adult-sized changing table, ceiling hoist, privacy screen and assistance alarm, and access considerations
  • Implications when converting existing premises and for installing a new accessible toilet building
  • Criteria for selecting a supplier of accessible toilet facilities, such as quality assurance, extent of service provision, product quality, site surveys, customer service commitments and how to compare quotations.

To meet the growing demand for fully accessible toilet and changing facilities, Portaloo has recently launched Portaloo Accessible Plus - the UK's first self-contained, semi-permanent toilet and shower building for wheelchair users and their carers which is available for short or longer-term hire.  This building has been specifically designed to provide more comfort, dignity and privacy than any other interim facility currently available.

To download a copy of the new guide, see www.portaloo.co.uk/accessible-guide.

For further information about the new Portaloo range of fully accessible toilet and changing facilities for short-term use, visit www.portaloo.co.uk/accessible-plus, email information@portakabin.co.uk or call 0845 401 0010.

Editor's Notes

1.     Portaloo offers:

  • Permanent-quality, domestic standard toilet, portable shower, bathroom and changing room buildings
  • Attractive,robust and well-equipped facilities that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Fast response times
  • All-steel buildings fitted out with non-chemical, full-flushing toilets, hot and cold running water and high quality sinks, tapsand showers
  • A comprehensive range of portable washrooms which includes specially-designed accessible facilities for people with disabilities, children's toilets for primary schools, and multi-cultural washrooms to meet the requirements of different religions
  • Dedicated support from Portakabin Hire Centres nationwide
  • A consumables refill service to keep liquid soap, hand towels and other essentials replenished.

2.     Portakabin, Portaloo and Portaloo Accessible are registered trademarks which must only be used to refer to modular buildings that are known to have been manufactured by the Portakabin Group. Please note, Portakabin and Portaloo are not generic terms.