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27 June 2012

Yorkon Launches Revolutionary New Building System

Award-winning off-site specialist, Yorkon, has launched a new building system which is set to revolutionise modular construction in the UK. 

Yorkon now offers the widest range of building modules currently available from any off-site manufacturer in the UK - giving architects, contractors and construction clients the unrivalled design flexibility to meet almost any building footprint.

This revolutionary building system, which has thousands of configurations and permutations, will realise the full potential of off-site construction as a more efficient alternative to site-based building methods but with absolutely no compromise on design, aesthetics or layout. 

The Yorkon system has been launched following a three-year development and testing programme which has included significant investment in new state-of-the-art production facilities in York - now the most advanced facility of its kind in Europe.

The new building system incorporates a host of innovations including:

  • Columns that are no longer visible either internally or externally, for a seamless façade that can be specified with or without cladding
  • The facility to fit any building footprint, including those designed for traditional site-based construction - reducing architects' design time and resources
  • Module lengths from 6m to 18.75m that give even greater flexibility and the option of using larger but fewer modules to reduce cranage, transport costs and site works
  • Two module width options of 3m and 3.75m; three height options for single-storey buildings, and seven different heights for ground and intermediate floors on multi-storey schemes to facilitate linking to existing traditionally-constructed buildings
  • All connections between modules will now be carried out from inside the building - which is more efficient, quicker and safer on site
  • The option of angled corners for further architectural variety
  • A system built to engineering rather than construction tolerances for even greater accuracy and build quality
  • A new wall construction which offers improved insulation and acoustic performance, and an even wider choice of window and fenestration options
  • A new insulation production system to further improve quality and consistency
  • A new 30-year structural warranty for even greater peace of mind.

Yorkon also offers the widest choice of cladding, glazing and roofing options to create outstanding architecture and landmark buildings - or bespoke facilities which complement existing schemes - with all the advantages of an off-site construction solution.

These include programme times reduced by up to 50 per cent; 99.9 per cent recycling of waste material in the factory and 92 per cent recycling on site; less disruption during construction; improved thermal efficiency for lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions, and much greater assurance of delivery on time and on budget.

Commenting on the new building system, Joe Biggs, Managing Director of P+HS Architects, said, "We have worked with Yorkon for a number of years and have found its off-site solutions offer significant quality, site and programme benefits to our clients.  Yorkon also recognises the importance of offering unrivalled flexibility in design and layout to suit individual project requirements, as well as a fast and efficient response.  The new system is a tremendously exciting development which could potentially revolutionise the use of off-site construction and the design possibilities of the approach."

Simon Ambler, Director of Yorkon said, "The launch of the new system follows extensive research with our customers and construction partners. It has been developed specifically to meet their needs and particularly the requirement for a more flexible off-site solution that offers genuine freedom of expression in terms of layout, footprint and aesthetics."

"As a Group we have invested in new state-of-the-art production facilities, which further demonstrates our commitment and the scale of this R&D process - particularly in the current challenging economic climate. This is a major milestone for the business and we are delighted to have scored yet another industry first for Yorkon by offering the widest range of configuration options of any off-site manufacturer in the UK.  The design potential is simply limitless."

The new Yorkon off-site building system has many applications, ranging from teaching facilities for schools and academies; hospital buildings and health clinics; laboratories; to control centres and amenity buildings in the power and utilities sectors; superstores, retail kiosks and convenience stores; and passenger and operations facilities for railways and airports.

For further information, call 0845 2000 123, email contact@yorkon.co.uk or to download literature about the new system, see www.yorkon.info/newsystem.

Editor's Notes

1.     If you would like to visit the Yorkon production centre and see the new state-of-the-art facility at first hand, we would be happy to arrange a press visit and meeting with a Yorkon director. Please just let us know if you would be interested.

2.     The new Yorkon building system also has strong sustainability credentials. These include:

  • Insulation materials with an ozone depletion potential of zero and a low global warming potential
  • Reducing vehicle movements to site by up to 90 per cent compared to site-based construction methods
  • Manufacturing in line with a stringent waste management strategy and certified to ISO 14001 - the international standard for minimising impact on the environment
  • Independent testing that shows the Yorkon off-site system performs well in excess of Building Regulations requirements for air tightness, minimising energy usage and running costs.

3.     Yorkon is part of the Portakabin Group.