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Joshua Delph, Director of Marketing, Volumetric Building Companies

“Joanne is a delight to work with and a gleaming example of what an external partner should be. Joanne's work has exponentially increased our visibility in the UK and Europe and her professionalism and attention to detail are truly second to none.

I am always looking for a partner who is able to seamlessly step into our strategies and activations while providing input and ideas to help us grow. In Joanne, we get a team player and strategic partner that delivers results. I couldn't ask for anything more.”


Andy Smith, UK Director, Volumetric Building Companies:

"In our experience, it is so important to share our news with strong PR and high-level social media. We are delighted with the way in which Bridges Communications have joined us on our journey to support this strategy and have seen excellent return on investment. Joanne and her team have a deep understanding of our sector and the markets we work in. We look forward to continuing this effective and productive working relationship."

David Harris, Managing Director, Premier Modular

"Bridges Communications are specialist industry leading PR specialists. Joanne's understanding of the offsite and construction sectors is second to none, and she adds significant value to the Premier team. She is technically strong, knowledgeable, and extremely articulate. She understands our audiences and communicates our capabilities effectively."

"Joanne is always responsive, highly communicative and a pleasure to work with."

Annelee Roscoe, Head of Human Resources, Premier Modular:

"Joanne has worked for Premier Modular for a number of years, supporting us with our social media presence and always delivers a high quality of work. She has enhanced the organisation's social profile by leaps and bounds and can always be relied upon to get the right messaging across for our people endeavours. I am always confident that she will strike the right note when doing a recruitment campaign or human interest post and I would highly recommend Joanne's work."


Anna Whiting, Offsite Alliance:

"Joanne is one of the best in the industry. Outstanding. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the industry is incredible. Anything you need from Joanne will be done to a superior quality and bang on message. Loyal, dedicated and just a lovely person. A pleasure to know Joanne and a massive asset to anyone who has the pleasure to work with her."


Mark Lowry, CEO, The McAvoy Group:

"Joanne is a very driven and motivated professional who, in the relatively short time we worked together, impressed me hugely in how she promoted our business across all the various platforms, and always with integrity."

Richard Crosby, Director, Blacc:

"Joanne represented one of our more high-profile projects, ‘The Seismic Consortium'. Not your usual scheme, it was a complex R&D project involving five partners and all quite rightly wanting their say on the PR aspect of the project. Joanne managed the people and process very effectively and professionally and ensured a balanced and well thought through outcome for us all. A great launch event and huge press uptake. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for a similar role. We look forward to using her services again shortly."

David Clark, Manufacturing Director, The McAvoy Group:

"I have worked with Joanne now for the last number of years at The McAvoy Group, and she has always provided excellent advice and assistance with all things PR. Whether it be preparing press releases, or securing top quality speaker opportunities, Joanne has excelled in providing a top-quality service! I look forward to continuing to work with Joanne in the future."

David Shaw, Group Marketing Director, Portakabin:

"I worked closely with Joanne for 15 years in my role as Portakabin Group Marketing Director. Joanne produced some very powerful PR that built brand awareness and also generated significant commercial leads. Joanne has the ability to quickly grasp the essentials of complex detailed projects and effectively promote a brand's competitive advantage. She also builds a good relationship with clients and their respective marketing teams based upon key elements of trust, professionalism and reliability. Joanne is someone who constructively challenges you in order to get the best return from your PR investment."

I would recommend that Joanne is seriously considered by any company that wants to improve the fire power of PR within their marketing armory."

Lindsay McCrudden, Marketing Manager, The McAvoy Group:

"Joanne consistently demonstrates invaluable industry knowledge especially in the offsite construction industry. Since we started working together, The McAvoy Group's PR and marketing activities have improved immensely. Every press release circulated is always picked up by our main target publications and covered widely, largely down to the excellent writing skills Joanne displays."

"All work has been completed to an exceptional standard and has helped inform our marketing strategy and effective communication plans. With a great appetite for improvement, Joanne never sits still, always looking for innovation to improve both herself and The McAvoy Group. I look forward to working with Joanne for many years to come."

Ramsay McDonald, Managing Director, Deanestor Scotland:

"Bridges Communications provides an exemplary service to our business at Deanestor. Providing highly polished client testimonials certainly adds value for us and our customer base. Being able to provide that service level within often challenging deadlines, with complex communication channels, allows us to focus on running the business. Having a PR service with expert knowledge of our sectors and of the construction industry generally, means we get brand enhancing outputs in a consistent manner."

Eimear Strong, Marketing Consultant, Premier Modular:

"Joanne is one of the most talented PR professionals I have worked with. Her comprehensive knowledge of the construction sector and her attention to detail make her a huge asset to firms who want to elevate and amplify their story. From the moment she started to work on Premier Modular's PR she got the business the extensive coverage it deserves. It's obvious that her work is valuable and newsworthy and the relationships she creates are powerful. On a personal level she has helped me develop as a consultant and I hope we get to work together again as I will definitely recommend her to clients and other consultants in this sector."

Simon Ambler, Director, Portakabin:

"Bridges Communications have played a key role in helping to keep Portakabin centre stage over the last two decades - from our presence at conferences, winning major industry awards to managing our reputation in the media and beyond.

Joanne has been committed to building invaluable relationships with our customers, which has enabled us to benefit from the best case studies, photography, and testimonials in the industry. And the feedback we receive from the media about the quality of our PR material reinforces this.

The quality of Bridges Communications' copywriting is unrivalled in our sector and Joanne ensures we are fully briefed and prepared for any media opportunities and interviews. Bridges Communications are proactive and have consistently delivered against our business objectives."

Peter Browne, Business Development Manager, The McAvoy Group:

"Joanne is a highly skilled and exceptionally well networked PR professional. During my time at The McAvoy Group I was extremely impressed with the quality, quantity and penetration of the Group's news stories across multiple publications and outlets. As a fundamental part of the Group's marketing strategy, Joanne's tireless efforts positioned the McAvoy brand and proposition in the right place at the right time, every time."

Cahir McKenny, Marketing Executive, The McAvoy Group:

"Having worked with Joanne for a number of years, it is clear she is an expert in her field. Her knowledge of the construction industry, in particular the offsite industry, is fantastic. The McAvoy Group's reach and presence has grown tremendously since Joanne came on board with the company, showcasing brilliant writing skills with an incredible attention to detail. Joanne is an invaluable asset to all her clients."

Wayne Yeomans, Head of Business Development, The McAvoy Group:

"Working with Joanne Bridges / Bridges Communications has always been a pleasure. PR is a specialist area and Joanne clearly demonstrates her ability in every piece of work that is commissioned. The knowledge of the Construction Industry coupled with key media connections all makes Joanne a great professional for supporting external PR. I look forward to continuing the working relationship with Joanne and Bridges Communications."

Aphrodite Barmparousi, Project Manager, Blacc:

"I worked with Joanne on Seismic, an Innovate-UK funded project which I project managed on behalf of blacc. We approached Joanne to lead on PR given her knowledge and understanding of the offsite construction sector, and the in-depth expertise she brought to the table was invaluable, as was her eagerness to get things done. She managed to see through the project's challenges attributed to the complex innovation output and to its multi-partner/stakeholder nature. She helped usto establish a solid communication strategy around the project launch, achieving buy-in from all interested parties. Joanne's services came recommended by one of our partners, and I would not hesitate to recommend her onwards to others."

Graeme O'Doherty, Senior Business Development Manager, The McAvoy Group:

"Working to launch the McAvoy offsite housing system with Joanne was a pleasure. Her knowledge of marketing and expertise in public relations provided the opportunity to see at first hand, how a considerably higher value of strategic enquiries can be generated. Her personal attributes lend themselves perfectly to developing professional relationships with key stakeholders. Joanne's ability to think and act strategically coupled with her enthusiasm were a joy to observe. As a professional public relations consultant, Joanne earns my highest recommendation."

Kurt Calder, Group Corporate Communications Manager, Shepherd Group:

"Joanne is a consummate communications professional who is reliable, efficient and effective. She sets and achieves high standards, offering a first-class service which captures and represents the values of her clients. Joanne is a pleasure to work with and will always deliver."

Evelyn Hodgson, Head of Brand, Portakabin:

"I would like to thank Bridges Communications for many years of excellent service, your commitment and passion for our business and to take this opportunity to formally recognise the valuable contribution you have made to building and protecting the reputation of our brands."

Ian Pannell, Director, Buildoffsite:

"Build Offsite has worked with Joanne Bridges for more than 10 years. She has an impressive talent for innovative, informed and effective marketing to deliver real value to her clients."

"Throughout our time working together, Joanne has gone out of her way to get under the skin of her clients' projects in order to be able to really understand and promote the technical achievements and to make use of the opportunities enabled by Build Offsite's knowledge transfer activities as a core element of commercial marketing and long-term client engagement."

"Joanne's unstinting efforts to work to present her clients' achievements and to support their business strategies have been invaluable to us in sharing these achievements widely across the UK construction industry and to deliver mutual benefits. She has been an absolute delight to work with."

Fiona Pryce, Marketing Manager, Portakabin:

"Joanne is a passionate and dedicated PR professional who takes the time to understand both client needs and best industry practices in order maximise the success of each PR campaign. It's great to collaborate with a consultancy which understands the sector so well but is still open to exploring new ideas. I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne and Bridges Communications to anyone looking for a PR consultancy."

Emily King, Pre-construction Manager, Portakabin:

"Having recently worked with Joanne on a number of projects the thing that is always most notable is her amazing attention to detail. She carefully tailors the content of any material to suit the appropriate audience - achieving the perfect combination of informative content with ‘wow' factor. A recent presentation I gave, written by Joanne, has received huge amounts of positive feedback for which I owe Joanne a big thank you!"

Phil Martin, Business Development Manager - Education, Portakabin:

"I have worked with Joanne for several years and her commitment, attention to detail and ability to react immediately is outstanding. I hope we can do business again and would happily recommend her to any organisation."

David Johnson, General Manager, Yorkon:

"I had worked with Joanne and Bridges Communications for many years at Yorkon and Portakabin and I found her to be an extremely competent public relations consultant. When I took over as Managing Director at Foremans, PR had not been used by the company. Because I wanted to raise the profile, I asked Joanne to help in that task. Her knowledge of the press and media enabled me to achieve that. She is highly respected by members of the press for her professionalism and reliability particularly in meeting deadlines and providing copy that can be used with minimal if any amendment. I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Roly Ward, Specification Manager, Offsite Solutions:

"It has been a delight to work with Joanne. Having worked with Bridges Communications during the past year, the experience which Joanne brings within the offsite construction market in particular, has opened the door to several project opportunities and introductions to new contacts as well as invitations to speak at key events. The timing and quality of content that has been released by Bridges Communications has been excellent and Joanne is always more happy to share her invaluable industry knowledge."

Martin Irvine, Business Manager, Yorkon/Portakabin:

"In my time working with Joanne she has shown real passion in helping to change the perceptions of what offsite construction can offer clients. Joanne's in-depth knowledge of the offsite sector and the construction market in general has been built up over many years and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a PR and marketing agency."

Sarah Denton, Business Development Manager - Health, Portakabin:

"Joanne has been exceptionally supportive. This has enabled us to increase awareness to the market with MMC through key note speaker slots. Joanne has also given essential support with PR across some of the most complex projects we have delivered."

Andrew Simpkin, Head of Project Delivery, Portakabin:

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I have really appreciated your help, support and advice over the years. We have had some fantastic projects to shout about. Your professionalism and commitment have always been very much appreciated. Good luck for the future and I hope our paths cross again sometime soon."

Mike Williams, Managing Director, Foremans Relocatable Building Systems:

"Foremans Relocatable Building Systems have had a strong and successful relationship with Bridges Communications for a number of years. PR was one of our business's major enquiry generation tools and Joanne and her team were successful in raising our profile through the strategic promotion of our services with excellent written and image presentation. In addition, Joanne was always prepared to be an integral part of the team planning the business marketing strategy. She was happy to give valued advice on a number of areas outside her official remit."

"Joanne and her team have played a significantly important part in improving our market position in the last few years."

HR Manager, Portakabin:

"Bridges Communications has worked hard to publicise our learning and development, and CSR initiatives alongside other priorities for the business. This has reinforced our position as a major employer in the region and a market leading manufacturer. Joanne has been instrumental in identifying and putting together extremely strong award entries and promoting our successes, to help us raise our profile locally, regionally and nationally. These PR activities are hugely valuable in helping us to attract new talent into the business and to communicate our values both within the company and to prospective customers. We have valued Joanne's input and knowledge at every stage."

Jenny Rust, Conference Organiser, UK Construction Week:

"Joanne is a highly knowledgeable individual with an incredible work ethic. She has provided two excellent, high-level speakers for the Offsite Construction stage at UK Construction Week 2018, assisted with brokering contra-deals with her clients, and provided written content for the show guide, website, and event newspaper. I've found her to be hugely helpful and professional, with content always being submitted flawlessly and well before deadline. I would recommend Joanne and hope to work with her again in the future."

Derek Carter, Chief Executive, Portakabin:

"Many thanks to you for your determination to keep Portakabin centre stage. This award was a proud moment and testament to the efforts of our employees over many years."

Christine Simms, Marketing Manager, Sapa Building Systems:

"Bridges Communications has an in-depth understanding of our industry and the needs of our market sectors. They are able to provide us with informed, practical solutions that are realistic, well thought-out and reflect the culture and values of the Technal brand. We also appreciate how they keep up-to-date with new trends and developments both in media and marketing techniques, and in the industry as a whole."

Jamie Barrett, Managing Director, Evolution5:

"Joanne is a first-class marketing consultant who has had a positive impact on our business. Since engaging the services of Bridges Communications to support our marketing activities, we have increased our visibility in our industry and have been given a voice through appropriate channels to support our causes. She is an excellent communicator, extremely professional and personable. I am impressed by the way she has taken the time to understand our business and got to know the people, and I can honestly say it is a real pleasure to work with Joanne and Bridges Communications."

Marcel Hendricks, Chairman, Alliance of Construction Networks:

"We collaborated with Joanne for one of our Education Construction Network talks on ‘Disaster recovery for schools'. Joanne not only organised a speaker on behalf of her client, a national construction company, but also arranged for one of their key clients to speak alongside them. She made sure that both speakers were fully briefed on the subject matter and the format of the discussion. She arranged for biographies and images to be provided in a timely manner to ensure maximum exposure in the run up to the event. This resulted in a successful event for both ourselves and the companies she was representing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanne and Bridges Communications."

Liz Clark, Marketing Manager, Evolution5:

"Joanne and her team have provided Evolution5 with fantastic marketing and PR services. Her understanding of the construction industry, together with a strategic approach to planning and a thorough understanding of how to achieve maximum value and exposure from our marketing budget, has been vital in developing our marketing strategy. Joanne has also produced excellent articles and case studies on our behalf which have been widely published in industry publications."

"Professional, challenging and expert in her field, Joanne is a pleasure to work with and can be relied upon to exceed expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Joanne's services."

Chris Langley, Commercial Manager, Yorkon:

"You are the best PR consultant I have ever met. I love your sense of fun - you really get the job done in a fair and friendly way."

Roisin Sweeny, Networking and Communications Manager, Build Offsite:

"Joanne has an impressive talent for original and effective marketing which deliver real value to both her clients and Build Offsite as promoters of the industry. Throughout our time working together Joanne has gone out of her way to convey the importance and technical innovations within each project and works tirelessly to showcase her client's achievements. I can attest to the fact she is absolutely proactive and I can always rely on her to give me the fastest and highest quality response."

Nigel Fitzhenry, Marketing Manager, Portakabin:

"I worked with Joanne and the team at Bridges Communications during my time at the Portakabin Group. Joanne is a highly skilled PR practitioner with great skills in core PR as well as other areas such as speech writing and case studies. Joanne has an in-depth knowledge of construction in general and modular construction in particular and is very proactive in identifying and developing PR opportunities as part of a wider, strategic marketing strategy."

"She is particularly adept at the planning, management and execution of PR programmes for large construction projects so that all opportunities for positive exposure in key online and offline media are taken and that messaging is carefully managed. I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne to anyone looking for a PR and marketing agency."

Graham Clarke, Sales Manager, Foremans Relocatable Building Systems:

"Joanne was a pleasure to work with and was able to improve the profile of our business through her knowledge of our requirements even with ever present budgetary constraints. She is a creative professional able to deliver results and I'm happy to recommend her."

Emma Phillips, Marketing Officer, Portakabin:

"Joanne is an expert in her field whose passion and sheer determination to deliver the very best results for Bridges Communications' clients is commendable. I do hope our paths cross again in the future."

Associate, Bond Bryan Architects:

"The publicity material you prepared certainly has successfully penetrated the construction trade literature! Your client must be delighted. It was a pleasure collaborating with you - we will certainly be in touch in the future."

Keith Blanshard, Executive Director, Build Offsite:

"Joanne Bridges has been a significant player in getting the messages about offsite construction out into the wider community. Thanks would never be enough."